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RHEMA Bible Training College Ghana- Accra Campus is a two-level program; Basic and Advanced. The purpose of the Basic Training is to build a solid foundation of the basic Christian doctrines in your life. It is important that each student receives a good understanding of “what he believes” and “why he believes it”. Some of the classes will provide a lot of information. What you learn during this time should impact your life and alter your lifestyle in a biblical way. One of our goals is to get you to a place where you will get the most out of the Advanced Training curriculum. Since each student comes from a different background we realized that this might take longer for some students than for others.


The purpose of the Advanced Training curriculum is to build upon the foundation received during the Basic Training. To enter the Advanced Training you will have to be recommended by the faculty. During that year the students will receive more practical information to equip them for the basic areas of ministry as well as basic in leadership training. There will be opportunities for hands-on experience and some discussion times. This is to ensure that you will have a working knowledge of the information you have received during your years at RHEMA.