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“The sun never sets on a Rhema graduate preaching the Word of God.”- Kenneth W. Hagin

Rhema Accra is a part of the 140 growing worldwide campuses that have nearly 65,000 graduates. The Accra branch has been recently established this year, 2016!

Rhema Accra is committed to developing and equipping leaders for the effective work of the ministry. During your two years at Rhema you will receive practical skills and spiritual disciplines that will set you up for success both in life and ministry.

Do you desire to rightly divide the word of God and do you want to learn to hear HIS voice more clearly?

Do you want to discover how to be a willing vessel for God’s glory?

Are you looking for hands on ministry training from experienced ministers?

If you’ve answered yes, Rhema Bible Training College Accra is the place for you!


In 1950, the Lord spoke to Kenneth E. Hagin and told him, “Go teach My people faith. I have taught you faith through My Word, and I have permitted you to go through certain experiences. You have learned faith both through My Word and by experience. Now go teach my people what I have taught you.”

Brother Hagin would cry out to God on his bed at night, “How can I get this message out to Your people?” It began to dawn on him that he would have to train men and women who were just as passionate about God’s Word as he was to take this message of faith around the world.

In 1972, , Kenneth W. Hagin, Brother Hagin’s son and his wife, Lynette, left their roles at the church in Garland, Texas, to work at Kenneth Hagin Ministries, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 1973 by the Spirit at Campmeeting Brother Hagin announced that they would start a Bible School. Kenneth and Lynette knew that was why they had come to work at Kenneth Hagin Ministries. At his father’s direction, Kenneth put together the curriculum for the new school.

In the fall of 1974, 73 students enrolled. Of those, 58 graduated in May 1975. Since then over 26,000 have graduated from RBTC USA, and nearly 65,000 have graduated worldwide. And the number keeps growing! Today RBTC has campuses all over the world.


Alexander and Denise Asirifi are the Campus Directors of Rhema Bible Training College, Accra Campus-Ghana. They are both graduates of Rhema Bible Training College (USA). They also pastor Harvest Family Church. HFC is a young, growing, vibrant church. They have a deep desire to see believers and ministers equipped for the effective work of the ministry.