“The sun never sets on a Rhema graduate preaching the Word of God.”- Kenneth W. Hagin

Rhema Accra is a part of the 140 growing worldwide campuses that have nearly 65,000 graduates. The Accra branch has been recently established this year, 2016!

Rhema Accra is committed to developing and equipping leaders for the effective work of the ministry. During your two years at Rhema you will receive practical skills and spiritual disciplines that will set you up for success both in life and ministry.

Do you desire to rightly divide the word of God and do you want to learn to hear HIS voice more clearly?

Do you want to discover how to be a willing vessel for God’s glory?

Are you looking for hands on ministry training from experienced ministers?

If you’ve answered yes, Rhema Bible Training College Accra is the place for you!

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