Every Truth or Provision of God answers to a Need in this life:

— Faith is for mountains.
— Love is for people.
— Patience is for difficult circumstances.
— Healing is for sickness and disease.
— Authority is for treading on serpents.
— Grace strengthens to resist temptation.
— Self control is for governing one’s own life.
— Worship and Thanksgiving are for the relationship with God.
— Wisdom is for the affairs of life.
— Peace is for storms.
— The Shield of faith is for fiery darts.
— Hope keeps us steady in view of the daily difficulties.

Unfortunately, many believers are missing significant truths or provisions in their lives. They are like Swiss cheese; they have some true substance in certain necessary areas, but gaping holes in others. They may be developed in love, but lacking in faith. They may worship God deeply, but have no self control. They may have peace in their hearts, but be sick in their bodies.

There are many different things that those who are in Christ will have to deal with in this present life. And for each of these things, there is a Truth, there is a Provision of God.

Paul said, “I have not shunned to declare unto you the Whole counsel of God.” Only by being wholly equipped with the whole counsel of God will believers be whole in every way and able to deal with the whole range of things life can deliver.

Don’t get stuck in one truth. Don’t think one provision will answer to every need. Search out the Whole Counsel of God and you will be Well Prepared to live and prevail in your Whole Life!

  • Guy Duinnick